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Moving the blog!


wordpress-300x299Since a while back I’ve been thinking of moving this blog. I wanted to host it on my own domain and also wanted to swap platform.

At first I was looking at BlogEngine.NET for platform because I liked the idea of a .NET based platform. But after some reading and pondering I decided to also test the most used platform, WordPress.

After trying them both out on my Windows 2008R2 server I decided on going with WordPress. Largest reason was it had the most community support, and therefore I hoped to spend less time customizing it.

But color me surprised, the recent weeks spare time has been spent on the new blogs customizations. A bit like stepping on Lego, it catches you off guard and surprises you with how painful it actually is…

mobilemancer.comThe CSS files loading in the template I choose was a little messy, the styles were very unstructured and the CSS hierarchy actually had a faulty file reference out of the box. This plus the fact I haven’t done any web work the last 3 years made the process drag out, and moving home for my virtual pen took way more time than planned.

Now I feel I’m done though, and therefore I proclaim this blog moved over to mobilemancer.com!

So dear readers, thank you for this year, thanks for your input and encouragement. I wish you all the best and hope to see you at the new site.

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